Why choose a San Marino yacht registration?

  • Fastest procedure in the world
  • No inspection needed (for yachts < 24 meters)
  • Whitelisted Registration
  • Low registration costs
  • Includes AIS & MMSI license
  • Includes “Safety Certificate” and MMSI Radio License
  • Valid for 5 years
  • Worldwide valid
  • Suitable for bareboat charter
  • Available for all nationalities
  • Also possible for commercial yachts
  • Fast Yacht Registration Procedure

    Ready within just two working days

    You will receive the yacht registration within just two working days. Including a radio license and a safety certificate.
  • Commercial Yacht Registration

    No yacht inspection needed

    Yachts up to twenty-four meters do not need to be inspected.
  • Commercial Boat Registration

    Easy online registration

    The entire registration process is fast, easy and can be followed in our online portal.
  • Register Your Motor Yacht Online

    Valid for five years

    A well-organized yacht registration for five years.

Questions? Speak directly to one of our advisors: +31 58 707 4239.

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Low costs

Up to 10m €525
10m-24m €1,600
€100 annual fee
Administration costs €250

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Fast registration

Receive the registration certificate within two working days. With this certificate you can sail immediately.

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For all nationalities

The San Marino yacht registry is a yacht registry available for all nationalities. In addition, you can register your yacht privately or commercially.

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Includes AIS & MMSI

When you choose the San Marino yacht registration you save €250 on your AIS and MMSI license.

The San Marino yacht registration is a popular yacht registration

With the San Marino yacht registration, you enjoy the many advantages that this cheap yacht registration entails. This popular yacht registration is chosen for its low price and excellent requirements. For example, you can get on the water within just two working days!

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A San Marino yacht registration for your commercial yacht

The San Marino yacht registration is also suitable for commercial yachts. The commercial yachts have the same advantages as for private yacht owners. Unlike private use, commercial yachts require an inspection. The San Marino yacht registry is the best yacht registry for yachts up to twenty four meters.

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Easy online registration

Applying for a boat registration has never been easier with our online portal. In a few steps you will be asked for everything we need to complete your order.

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The San Marino yacht registration is available for all nationalities

The San Marino yacht registry is a yacht registry available for all nationalities. In addition, you can register your yacht privately or commercially. As a non-resident of San Marino, you must have a local resident agent as your local representative. We will arrange this for you. This gives you an official registered agent in San Marino for only €100 per year (€500 for the 5-year registration of your license). The compensation is the same for private or company owned vessels.

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Duration of a San Marino yacht registration request

One of the advantages of the San Marino yacht registration is that you will receive the registration within two working days. Due to the easy online registration process and the complete registration efficiently, no time is wasted. This allows you to get on the water almost immediately with your San Marino yacht registration.

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Learn more about San Marino yacht registration

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Documents required for a San Marino yacht registration

To successfully register your yacht in San Marino we need:

  • Colour scan copy of your passport or ID card
  • Company documents if the yacht is owned by a company (not older than 6 months)
  • Sales invoice or construction certificate (notarized if the yacht is smaller than ten meters)
  • Power of attorney (we provide this to you)
  • Proof of deletion of the previous registry (if applicable)
  • Previous International Tonnage Certificate (if available)
  • Completed application forms (we will send them to you)

All documents must be in English or Italian or a formal translation must be provided.

Another yacht registration for your boat

In addition to San Marino, we can also register your boat in the Netherlands, Gibraltar, United Kingdom, Panama, or Poland.

What is important in a yacht registration?

Almost every country offers yacht registration procedures. If you're considering registering your yacht, don't base your opinion on cost alone. It is wise to also check which advantages are associated with the yacht registration. Please keep in mind:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this yacht registration?
  • What are the one-time costs?
  • Are there annual costs?
  • Is an inspection needed? If so, this will incur costs.
  • Please note if the yacht registration is only a proof of ownership or also a flag certificate.
  • Check if the yacht registration is valid worldwide.
  • Pay attention to the maximum permitted length of the yacht.
  • If you want to sail commercially, check whether this is allowed with this type of yacht registration.
  • Avoid disappointments and therefore check carefully how long it takes until you receive your registration.
  • Is a radio license available?
  • Is a Safety Certificate included?

More information

We are happy to help you to choose the best yacht registration for your situation. Contact our employees or register your boat directly via the link below: